Product Details

Newstech Ink Pumping System


Automate — Cut costs — Increase Profits & Efficiency

Ink Cost Saving : No Skinning & Residue Ink on Sides and Bottom of Cans : Purchase in bigger Packing

70 % Solvent costs saving : No cleaning of Ink from Knives, Tables, Machine Parts, Hands etc.

Labour Saving : No Manual feeding & Agitation.

Consistent Quality : Even Ink feed across Ink Duct.

Clean Press Environment : No Ink - Knives, Rags, Droppings etc, on the Shop Floor.

Pump models: P 100-2L & P 200-2L for 200kg Drums

                           P 200-PLC for 1- 5 Tonne Ink Containers

Leveller  models: Automatic NT-101 Capacitive; Automatic NT-101 U Ultrasonic; Semi Automatic NT-102.


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