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Newstech Mailroom System

From Press to Loading Bay and Reader Newstech cares for what you say....In being market leader

NTTS 300 Compact is a Compensating Stacker with a compact designed take-up conveyor with dump gate and stream aligner.

NTTS 300 Compact handles different product dimensions and formats, different infeed direction e.g. open edge leading, upto a Press speed of maximum 70000 cph.

The unique take-up conveyor handles the newspaper copies gently without smearing and wrinkling.

The NTTS 300 Compact is the basic unit in the system and can be expanded with different modules e.g. plastic wrapper, under wrapper, strapper and various conveyors for transport of the bundles.

NTTS 300 produces standard bundles according to a pre-set value. By means of a Bundle Production Control, PRO 4000, bundles with various number of copies in sequence can be produced. 


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